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Protect assets by setting up a trust to pay beneficiaries. Has levels of anonymity with your commercial dealings. You can set the jurisdiction and law any place you want. The board of trustees and the trustee (who is usually you) will be able to receive (for the most part) tax-free budget to invest in projects/expenses for the ROI (Return on Investment) for your trust, for the ultimate advantage of the beneficiaries. Funds can be sent to the beneficiaries at regular intervals, or when the trustee dies and/or the trust is dissolved.  

I recommend everyone who wants a trust and/or to operate in trust but doesn’t know much about it, to also read the Weiss trustee handbook 


State national not citizen passport:

The only passport that is valid comes from the U.S. State Department. No Moorish treaty documents, “Common Law ID” documents, or World Service Authority passport, will be accepted by U.S. Customs/Homeland security officials if you are entering the U.S.   What other countries accept, might be different, but what we care about most is what the U.S. Homeland Security/customs accepts as legit and allows you into the country through an port of entry


If you can’t get back into the US from abroad, then whatever documents you have are mostly worthless. I say mostly, because you should be able to use those other forms of ID for some other helpful purposes (such as notarizing a document, proof of identity domestically for certain situations, second form of ID for opening a postal box, etc.)

The state national but a U.S. citizen passport, has the exact same look, feel, and color as the U.S. citizen passport. If you look on the first page of the inside cover, it does say that all whom you pass by, “to allow the following national/citizen” respect, protection, and aid, etc . national/citizen means national or citizen; as the booklet itself nor the cover does not tell anyone looking at it,

If you already have a U.S. passport from the U.S. State department, you are fine!! No need to send it in or resubmit as what you have will not reduce the rights you have. Do your SPC Process, and from the moment your UCC-1 Financing Statement is accepted and stamped by the Secretary of State – That Secretary of State filing, overrides any data in any government database whatsoever. Therefore, even if years ago you submitted the US passport application, as a “U.S. citizen” with a social security number, you are fine and can keep it as is! nothing else is needed to do to maintain your status as a private state national who has allegiance to the republic government of the US and the state/republic that you call home and/or were born in. You are a state National by virtue of your UCC-1 declaration. A sworn statement on public record rescinding your past mistakes, overrides anything done or filed in the past.

Notice:  These documents are NOT intended for your use in any legal procedure/process, because they are without the full and complete outlines and accompanying documents, strategies, and expertise necessary to sufficiently achieve a likely remedy.  If you have a legal issue you wish to endeavor, and wish to grab these documents without sufficient training and experience from a seasoned professional/expert, you do so at your own risk and disclaim UCL/this website/its associates from any liability.   If you are new or inexperienced, my goal is that by offering you to access and review these documents, and enable you to edit or preparing your own documents or a fake set just as practice, it will assist your study by giving you something tangible that *can* be used out there in the real world.   By typing up or preparing legal documents for practice that will never be used, this is the way you can learn quite a lot, at a time when you are not pressured, stressed, or attached to an outcome.

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