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About Doreth Flynn 


Blessed Love,


Greetings & Salutations I am the infamous :Jade-Morgan:Lionel .  A small-town queen with a big city hustle. Starting from the bottom with lots of hard work and dedication I started multile business on my own. Along my journey i have embraced every encounter, every moment and every client. I really love what i do & it took me 35 years to figure it out. I'm a jill of all skills and anything I want to achieve; I simply go for it. My limit is above the sky.  

Growing up with a grandma and aunts who were all educators or was employed for the school board education was always implemented as a requirement. I am honored to have that upbringing because those very same qualities are instilled in me.  Helping others and giving makes my heart happy. It gives a priceless feeling. I am very honored that you came to my page, brought a take, booked a service or any of the above. It means a lot and your support does not and will never go unnoticed. I love how the universe uses me and creates paths for me. My journey is personal. All praises to my ancestors for Love, Light & Guidance.

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