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Be straight up with your clients

A lot of you have been trying to get grants and wonder why you can’t qualify for them or get denied

Well !!!!

The NUMBER ONE reason is your business is not set up and structured properly

just because you have a business entity which is an LLC or a partnership or a sole proprietor doesn’t always qualify you for a grants. Having a EIN only does not qualify you for a grants

The government has WOSB (which is women of small businesses )

Its has minority grants

Its has grants for black women and it has grants for hub zones .

There’s lots of grants out there. You have to do your research and if you do not want to research and you would like for me to apply for these grants for you I am available . I do have a monthly service where I apply a unlimited amount of grants for you for a certain price.

Government Grants 📍📍📍📍

Do you have a compatibility statement ???

Are you registered in the award management system in order to receive money from grants or contracts that you qualify or do you get approved for ??

Lets make sure you get your business set up properly before you start inquiring about certain grants

Start with me today!!

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