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Colon cancer is becoming a number one killer in African Americans

As for black Americans, 25 % are more likely to get colon cancer than white Americans, and 45% are more likely to die.

Many wonder why ???

Some of the reasons include high risk factors, less access to health care including cancer detections/screenings and having no insurance.

Be Aware Of These Symptoms

  • Any change in bowel habits like constipation, diarrhea, or narrow stool

  • Rectal bleeding

  • Blood in stool

  • Cramping or pain in the abdomen

  • Weakness and fatigue

  • Unexplained weight loss

The American Cancer Society recommends that those with a higher risk for colon cancer begin screenings at the age of 45 years old. A colonoscopy finds and removes any polyps before they can become cancerous. It can also find cancer early when it is still small and have not spread making it easier to treat and improve your survival rate.

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