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Get educated on how to run a business before you start

When I first started my business I thought I had it all together. It takes more than having the business entity and a EIN to get started and formed properly. Having a bank account and doing payroll is so important. Paying your taxes and keeping all paperwork filed and secured is a must in case of audits. The list just goes on & it's so much to retain all at one time so you will learn as you go but be prepared to makes mistakes . It'll all be trial & error. If I had to start over again I would have definitely do a lot of things different.

All in all my first year in business I lost more than I made but it was ok I'm now excited to say I'm in my 2nd year now and things are going so much smoother . A lot of businesses don't make it to the first year and alot of us get discouraged because we think our business sakes will shoot through the roof in that first year but that's not always the case. Sometimes it can take yearsssss to get a amazing fan based with consistent buyers . It all depends on you , your marketing skills and what your willing to invest in yourself .

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