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Investing in yourself as a new business owner !!!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

I can't stress enough! That sometimes we are our own critic. You definitely get out what you put in and that goes for anything in life. Whether it be a relationship, dealing with people or even day to day activities. The same strategy applies. Everyone wants the game on how to do things but want it the easy way or for free. NEWS FLASH!!!! The reason it's for sale, is because the people who are selling it to you, they had to pay for it too. Their knowledge and education not to mention the time they took or sacrificed wasn't for free. So, in some form or another they paid a price. As new starting business owners. Don't expect all things to be given to you (even if it's a family member or a friend) put in the work & put in the effort to invest in yourself. Even if you have to go broke. I did it plenty of times. Stepping out on that last $100 has made me thousands. How? Because I invested in me. I believed in me. I knew those were my last $100 dollars, but I believed in myself enough to know that I could make something happen with it lol!!! And did lol! I was determined. I said all that to say. We can do whatever we want to do in life. If only we believed in ourselves by investing in the things you love to do, it's not a waste of time when it's something that fills your heart with joy that you can profit from it.

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